OBSBOT Tail 4k AI Camera
OBSBOT Tail 4k AI Camera
OBSBOT Tail 4k AI Camera
OBSBOT Tail 4k AI Camera
OBSBOT Tail 4k AI Camera
OBSBOT Tail 4k AI Camera
OBSBOT Tail 4k AI Camera
OBSBOT Tail 4k AI Camera

OBSBOT Tail 4k AI Camera

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OBSBOT Tail 4k AI Camera
Handheld 3 Axis Intelligent Auto-Director AI Camera,4k 60fps Auto-zoom AI Tracking Selfie Video Camera for Vlog Live

•Using advanced network technology for achieving real AI tracking, the smart composition of a picture and gesture induction. So it has the combination of the premium CMOS sensor and optical lens system and 3-axis stabilized ball head to inspire more ideas for sh • Intelligent tracking and focus shooting with a maximum distance of 40 meters are achieved. Brand new Shar-lock function: It can quickly locate the target and shoot with focus tracking for the whole process even in complex environment interference. • The AI technology of ''portrait composition" and "scale estimation" is introduced into the intelligent shooting system. Can automatically optimize the composition of people/pets when shooting. Built-in 3-axis ball head: effectively reducing shaking images while shooting. 360° horizontal angle without limiting of position, can achieve surrounding shooting. • The Obsbot Studio APP of OBSBOT is not only a control panel but also support real-time image transmission, synchronization adds beauty/filter function while on video recording or live streaming. The LaunchPad extension operations are supported in Obsbot Studio App. The system support for iOS9.0, for Android6.0 and above. • Adjustable seat type design: with a universal thread interface on the base, support tripod, can hang suction cup, universal shoulder strap, and other external equipment.

Type: handheld gimbal
Communication: Wifi
of Axes: 3-Axis
Configured for: DSLRs
Configured for: mirrorless cameras
Titling Angle: 360
Rolling Angle: 135
Panning Angle: 50
Model Number: Crane 3 LAB
Weight (g): 610g
Package: Yes
Material: Aluminum
Feature: Following the shooting mode
Supported Mobile Device Max Size: 1
Charging for Mobile Device: Yes
Camera Integration: No
App Setting: Yes
Vertical Shooting: Yes
Support Remote Control: Yes
Size: 185.7x86.7x85.5mm
Brand Name: ZHIYUN